Tactical Baton System
Tactical Batons expand your advantage

ASP Expandable Batons offer signifiant adventages over other intermediate force weapons :
- Easily carried and readily at hand
- Unparalleled psychological deterrence
- Low profile, improved public image
- Easy maintained
- No sharp edges that can abrade clothing or cut an assailant
- Better balance than traditional impact weapons
- Network of carefully selected Distributors and Service Centes
- Extensive Intructor Training Programs available at no charge
- Nation's most experienced Use of Force litigation support service

ASP Batons are produced in F16, F21, F26 and F31 models. Exclusive grip and shaft combinations create a broad matrix of options to meet specific tactical perfomance requirements.
  Airweight offers a 45% weight reduction with 98% of striking potential of steel.   Black Chrome provides the most durable and corrosion resistant black finish available for 4140 high carbon steel.   Chrome delivers a high lustre finish for increased visibility under low light conditions.
  Electroless yields the most corrosion resistant metal finish. It is well suited to maritime and high humidity environments.   Gold offers a jewelry quality 18K finish. It is ideal as a gift or for presentation.